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Wawa at Old Branch Avenue

Prince George's County Planning Board Agenda, February 4, 2021: Wawa at Old Branch

DSP (Detailed Site Plan) - 19056 DSPS (Departure from Sign Design Standards) - 710

The applicant requests "development of a 5,600-square-foot food and beverage store and a gas station. Departure from sign design standards for the height and area of the proposed freestanding sign and the area of the building and canopy-mounted signage. : Southwest of MD 5 (Branch Avenue) at its intersection with Beech Road."

Staff recommends approval w/conditions and approval respectively.

--I'm excited about Wawa making a greater presence in the county!! My only concern is to place a barrier/divider down Beech Rd, so drivers coming off Branch Avenue can only enter into the Wawa gas station on the western entrance. At the eastern entrance, it should be a right turn only, which the barrier down Beech Road would enforce.

Let's not forget Wawa is also planned at Andrews Park Town Center, about two miles south on Allentown Road.

**Site plans and renderings are courtesy Prince George's County Planning Board.**

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