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Storage Facility, Landover Hills

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Planning Board Agenda, January 9, 2020: JSF Annapolis Road

Applicant requests to "allow a consolidated storage use and construct a 133,000 square-foot building, with associated office/retail use. On the south side of MD 450 (Annapolis Road) at intersection with 68th Avenue."


Staff has recommended "disapproval". --I'm glad that staff has recommended disapproval!! This building just doesn't belong!! It doesn't fit into the context of the existing environment!! As I child, I remember McDonald's being there and next door is still the car wash. When McDonald's closed, it was converted into a day care center. I would rather see expansion/redevelopment of the adjacent Crestview Square Shopping Center (Family Dollar, Value Village, Pizza Hut)!! The county also needs to put a moratorium on storage facilities!! These facilities are popping up everywhere in the county and not maximizing the potential use of sites!!

**Renderings and site plan courtesy of Prince George's County Planning Board**

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