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It's Lit! Ritchie Marlboro Road!

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

As I was driving down Arlington Boulevard, a creative bulb turned on as a drove pass this bridge!!

I think it would be awesome to have the bridge at Exit 13, Ritchie-Marlboro Rd, colorfully lit on both sides, as shown in the pictures!! The idea is not only to provide art, but to also activate Ritchie Marlboro Road in Upper Marlboro and Capitol Heights. New homes have been built at Westphalia Row and it would be advantageous to create a more pedestrian and biker-friendly corridor to Ritchie Station Marketplace and Steeplechase 95 shops and businesses. Yes, I do understand it's a busy roadway, but Arlington Blvd is just as busy, and has pedestrian and bike paths running parallel to the roadway. I would love to see public art and perhaps benches to enhance Ritchie Marlboro Road.

First, the road would need to be completely reduced from three (3) lanes to two (2) lanes at both circles, to slow vehicles down. The added space on the south sides of circles could be used to create a protected bike lane/pedestrian path which could merge into the existing sidewalk as it goes under the existing Beltway bridge and then open back up. Second, traffic lights would be added at both circles to calm and better manage traffic.

What are your thoughts?

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3 תגובות

19 במרץ 2021

Greg, putting the lights on the bridge, does not seem like a bad idea. But completely disagree about reducing the traffic lanes on the roads, very bad idea. You need the capacity or you will start to get more backups down the street. Also putting up traffic lights up would defeat the purpose of the traffic circles in the first place. Think traffic lights were consider at those intersections before traffic circles were decided upon.

19 במרץ 2021
בתשובה לפוסט של

Well, then just take out the traffic circles all together. (Actually not a big fan of them), Also what is needed is another entrance/exit to that shopping center. ( I do remember when they did that connection with the Beltway, not much over there then, used to be mostly farm land I think)

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