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East Pines (Riverdale, MD)

On Today's (April 29, 2021) Planning Board Agenda: East Pines


The applicant requests (1) "DSP (Detailed Site Plan): Mixed-use building and attached parking structure to include 224 multifamily dwelling units and 13,960 square feet of ground floor commercial space. (2) DPLS (Departure from Parking and Loading Standards: To reduce the number of provided parking spaces from 553 to 303. (3) AC (Alternative Compliance) : An alternative design to Section 4.7, Buffering Incompatible Uses. : On the east side of Riverdale Road, approximately 660 feet west of Veterans Parkway."

Staff recommends approval w/conditions, approval, and approval respectively.

--This project definitely is a game-changer!! The idea a Developer has proposed a project directly at the Beacon Heights Purple Line Station before it's even built, speaks volume to the future potential of Prince George's County!!

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