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Downtown Oxon Hill/Eastover

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Downtown Oxon Hill/Eastover

I envision Downtown Oxon Hill/Eastover as Prince George's County premiere skyline!! As you drive down South Capitol Street and enter Prince George's County at Southern Avenue, tall buildings hover over Indian Head Highway, reaching the maximum height restriction. The skyline greets you, at what would be a redeveloped Eastover Shopping Center. A new 1,000-2,000 unit project would be designed anchored by a Harris Teeter and other mixed-use spaces. Within this multi-family mixed-use project, 10% of the units would be set aside specifically as affordable dwelling units. This would spur further redevelopment of the existing Forman Mills and commercial space across from Eastover Shopping Center. As you drive further away from the redeveloped Eastover Shopping Center, the building height would reduce to acknowledge the existing single-family home presence.

As you drive down Oxon Hill Road, everything south of St. Barnabas Road including Home Depot, Rivertowne Commons, is redeveloped to further create a true downtown. This would compliment what is now the 10-story Oxford Apartments. As you closely approach the future TopGolf, the skyline reaches it maximum height. Multi-story buildings housing Oxon Hill Library, Safeway, Marshalls, future Target and many other quality retail and restaurants. Wide sidewalks and bike lanes running along Oxon Hill Road as another means of transportation to the National Harbor. Perhaps even a street car?

Can you envision it? Crossing the Wilson Bridge into Maryland, Prince George's County premiere skyline!! To the right you have the Gaylord Resort and the MGM at National Harbor. To your left you have a redeveloped Eastover Shopping Center skyline hovering over Oxon Cove Park. In the far distance as you move north along the Beltway, the downtown Oxon Hill Skyline is catching your eye, including TopGolf and all the multi-story buildings hovering over Oxon Hill Road.

Tons of retail, restaurants, office space. Tons of multi-family housing units. Tons of traffic? Tons of equity for homeowners? Good or bad?

Welcome to Prince George's County premiere skyline, Downtown Oxon Hill/Eastover!!

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Aug 21, 2023

this is cool that whole area needs a upgrade especially Eastover!!


Stefani Olsen
Stefani Olsen
Aug 04, 2023

The area definitely needs rejuvenation but one of its greatest inherent assets is the natural environment-- trees! Trees are a better skyline than chrome and steel and glass IMHO as someone who spent my childhood

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