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Dave and Buster's, Ritchie Station Marketplace

Dave and Buster’s coming to Prince George’s County, Maryland, has been great business and provides much needed jobs for county residents and beyond! Being located at Ritchie Station Marketplace provides a great presence on the Capital Beltway; nonetheless, capitalizes on thousands of daily drivers passing along. Or does it?

Dave and Buster’s at Ritchie Station Marketplace doesn’t maximize on its sustainability. It’s great to have this business come to Prince George’s County, but we also want this business to be around forever, sustainable! I’ve heard bad things about this location. Whether it is bad customer service, people running out on the bill, or even the patrons, perception, unfortunately, can make a bad reality for business.

Here’s my suggestion! Dave and Buster’s should relocate to the National Harbor. This would provide residents, guests, and visitors with a better entertainment experience, create a different synergy, and further evolve the National Harbor as being an entertainment district. It would compliment Top Golf, MGM Casino, and the nearby Rosecroft Raceway. Dave and Buster’s at the National Harbor creates unparalleled competition with Dave and Buster’s and Live! Casino at Arundel Mills (Hanover, Maryland) and Dave and Buster’s at Springfield Mall (Springfield, Virginia).

Relocating Dave and Buster’s from Ritchie Station Marketplace to National Harbor positions the business to be highly sustainable. Dave and Buster’s become part of the destination experience National Harbor offers. As mentioned earlier, we want this business to stay around forever and to attract other desired businesses to National Harbor and Prince George’s County.

What happens to the existing location at Ritchie Station Marketplace if Dave Buster’s decided the National Harbor provides more sustainability? I would recommend Chuck E. Cheese at The Boulevard, soon to be Carillon development, replace the current Dave and Buster’s location. With the redevelopment at The Boulevard, I envision Chuck E. Cheese may not be in the future scope of tenants for the vision of Carillon. By Chuck E. Cheese being at Ritchie Station Marketplace, it creates a family-oriented environment. I would even go the route of luring Red Robin restaurant to Ritchie Station Marketplace, to further compliment nearby Launch Trampoline Park. By Chuck E. Cheese and Red Robin potentially being at Ritchie Station Marketplace, creates a family-oriented district.

At the end of the day, Dave and Buster’s needs to be sustainable! We (Prince Georgians) want this business around forever and to attract and retain other businesses to Prince George’s County! In the meantime, let’s continue to patronize and support Dave and Buster’s Ritchie Station Marketplace!

**Dave and Buster's Logo courtesy of Wikipedia.**

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