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Cori's Modern Kitchen + Bar (Suitland, MD)

Happy Monday!!

I checked out a fairly new spot called, Cori's Modern Kitchen + Bar !! It's located at 4710 Auth Place, Suitland, MD (across from Red Lobster near Branch Avenue Metro Station).The business is Black-owned and the customer service was excellent and the food was delicious !!

I ordered lemon grilled lemon-peppered wings and blackened salmon w/rice pilaf, sautéed brussel sprouts, lemon butter sauce, green onions and added blackened shrimp!!

--I will definitely be patronizing again!!

Grilled Lemon Peppered Wings $11 Salmon $19 + 6 for blackened shrimp = About $40

Cori’s Modern Kitchen + Bar

4710 Auth Pl Camp Springs, MD 20746

Employment Please email:

Feedback/Comments/ Questions? Email:

Phone: (301) 842-4023


Monday - Thursday 12pm–9pm

Friday - Saturday 12pm–9pm

Sunday 12pm–9pm

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