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Westphalia Town Center North

Planning Board Agenda, January 21, 2021: Westphalia Town Center North


Applicant requests "development of 605 single-family attached (townhouse) dwelling units and 34 single-family detached dwelling units within Phase 4. On the south side of Melwood Road, approximately 2,500 feet north of MD 4 (Pennsylvania Avenue)."

Staff recommends approval w/conditions.

**To be a party if record, you must register at or contact 301.952.4584 by Noon today!**

**Site plan and renderings courtesy of Prince George's County Planning Board.**

--I love the variety of floorplans and elevations from single family homes and townhomes. I prefer full brick-front elevations. Conditions should be added that construction can only continue based on the the commercial development project being leased as residents have been patiently waiting on the Town Center, in particular the grocery store.

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